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17 Agustus

Hymne Balikpapan

Thursday, September 30, 2010

without realized,...

ya, it's time to posting today.

i felt better. hhe.

ya ya ya.

i will tell you my daily activities today.

firstly , as usual i did start my day with pray, take a bath, use my uniform, prepare all school thing, drink a milk and ready to go to school.

because today is friday.

as usual in my school, if friday, we prayer together.

after it, we did study.

first lesson today is biology.

in biology, we discussed about plant tissue.

after my biology teacher (Mrs. Rita ) teaching us. she said "who is want to present a presentation today?" because i already make a presentation. so i am perform in front of class.i present a presentation about tissue culture.and after it, we did work LKS. (student sheet work).

teng teng teng. bell is ring ring.

and it's time to break.

when break , i went to my friend class and after the bell is ring ring again. i come back to my class.

it's time to Civics Education with Mrs. Maya.

today, we discussed about politics culture in Indonesia.

in discussed, i and group mate present our discus result.and present it. but as usual ,in discussed, exactly there is wrong and there is true.

and when i write this.

i during think to make a nice lamp for art culture tomorrow. hope i can done it today.

just it, that i want to posting today.

bye bye and see you next time :)

hope in morning.

ya ya ya.

you know why ?


it's caused , when i want to get into school, i said in my heart.

"God, Let me today fell happy."

and since morning until i am back to home.

i felt so happy.


and tomorrow, i will said it again.

okay, i will starting to tell you my daily activities.

firstly, i woke up @6.30 pm.then take a bath. use my school uniform and drank a milk.

after it, i went to school and ready to starting my day.

first lesson today is Indonesia Language.

in Indonesia Language, there is a test to telling a story in book.

but before we re telling , we must search instrinsic elements.after i search it. i go to my teacher desk. and ready to test.

as usual, i retelling and after it i sat down. but i didnot know my score.

but my friend said my score is ninety.


after it, it's time to TIK lesson.

But, my tik teacher (Mr. Marwan ) is not there.

but we did get a duty. but in his blog.

when i search it.

i didnot get anything.


where is the duty ???

after it, it's time to first take a break.

i and my friend (rico) went to the canteen and did eat in bu amah canteen.

after we are done.

we come back to home.

and after it.

my lesson is mandarin language.

i have a test about first chapter.

but, i feel pity to my mandarin teacher.

cause, no one that cared with her. when she did say something. but truly, the teacher is old.

my friend did not realized it.

but what i can do ? 

nothing. just say to my friend. it's not good.

then. bell is ring ring.

it's time to second break.

i and my rico went to tomi and wakhid class.

we did talk something.

after it, bell is ring ring again.

and it's time to chemistry.

and there is plus score for someone who brave to done a text in book.

cause i like plus score.

so, i am make my self to brave.

so i get it. hhe.

after it, it's time to religion. 

when, religion we discussed about.

"How to be a good Christian?"

hmmm. i listen what my teacher said and i hope i can apply it in my daily activities.

and when i write this.

i during make a biology presentation and biology report.



just it that i can posting today.

see you in next time.

i am bran sibarani.

bye" :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

happy inside, sad outside.

it's my status updates on facebook today.


why ?

cause, i feel bad today.

i did not know, why am i feel so lazy and not funny.

maybe cause i am stress with school.

but not really.

maybe there is other.


okay i will tell you about my daily activities today.

in this sunny morning in wednesday.

i did start my day with pray, take a bath, use my school uniform, prepare al things for school and do not forget to drink a milk as well as eat bread.

after it, i went to my school.
sma n 5 balikpapan.

first lesson today is ict , because Mr. Yudit is go to HongKong for something.

so, in 2 hours , my class is free. hhe.

the second lesson is sport (Mr. Herman). 

today, we did study about volley.

my hand is red.

hhe. but i like it.

after it bell is ring-ring.

that's time to take a break.

in first break i just drank a water.

then, the third lesson. it's time to Indonesia Language.

today, Mrs. Sherly teaching us about "saga"

but before. we checking our test before.

hmmm. i got 64.

so bad.

maybe it cause i am lazy to reading the text.

it is a lesson today that i got.

we must thorough for getting a nice score.

ya ya.

after it, english language.

today, there is a speaking test.

then i advanced and got 85.

but my reading score is bad.


it's okay.

next have to better!


and when i write this.

i am study mandarin language and Tik because tomorrow i have a test.

just it that i want to posting today.

bye :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

tired in tuesday

it's the theme of today.
you know why ?
because, in early morning.
i did follow " test daya serap "
truly, i so lazy.
it's okay.

i did start my day with pray, take a bath , use uniform and drink a milk.
then i went to my school.
senior high school 5 balikpapan.

since morning until afternoon.
we did "test daya serap" from goverment.
then, i did take a break and eat chicken rice at canteen.
bell is ring - ring.
it's time to come back home.

and when i arrived on home.
i did lay on bed and sleep until 7 pm.
so tired....

it's my theme today.

when i write this.
i doing my english homework.
it's about narrative text.

i am remedial in english test (reading) :(

hope for tomorrow :
i hope, tomorrow will be better than before and i want to doing it all nice.

okay, just it that i want to posting to you.
see you and Gbu !

Monday, September 27, 2010

freakish day ?

maybe, it's the theme of condition today.

you know why ?

because, when morning did come. the condition is rain.

but when afternoon, all changed be hot, so hot.

and when evening is cloudy.

i did start my day with run and eat yellow rice.

then take a bath , use my uniform for flag ceremony.

after it, i went to school by public transportation. 

you know what happen in flag ceremony today.

the rain did make ceremony faster than usual.

first lesson is english language.

i have a writing test . make a report text.


then chemistry , we discussed about delta entalphi.

we have homework, the homework just 3 number.

but it makes me tired.


the third lesson is math.

we discussed about opportunity.

 after math done. it's time to guidance counseling by Mrs. Emmi Sitanggang.

truly, today i want to present in front of class.

but i forgot to bring my flash disk.

but no one in my class present a presentation.

so next week.


after it , history by Mr Soleh.

we discussed about Lks duty.


then i come back to home by public transportation.

in public transportation, i meet mandarin teacher.

we did talk with mandarin language.


i talk to her : "Laoshi hao !" she answered :"Ni hao !"


 truly, i just can talk : "Laoshi hao and xie xie"


ohh ya.

i will closing this. with xie xie :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Sunday


this is wonderful ay.

i see all of kid in my church sing a song in church.

it's make us, be happy.

and remember me about my kids.


tomorrow, i have presentation.

hope can be give the best.

in this sunday, i eating chicken and my favorite traditional food (cucur)

\if you eat it.

you wil eat alot.

just it that i want to posting today.

Happy Sunday all.

God Bless you.

see you next time ... :)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

saturday night


we meet again here.


today , i want to posting about what ???

okay, as usual it's about my daily activities.

firstly, absolutely we all starting our day with praying then take a bath, use our uniform and went to the school.

because today is saturday.

my lesson is chemistry, art culture, math and physics.

(so tragic) 

in chemistry season, we discussed about delta H.

and i brave to answer the text that in my teacher's presentation.

and you know.

i am wrong. LOL

but, my chemistry teacher (Mrs.Sri Sulastri) said "study is not have to true, false is okay, because in school. we want to be smart. and to be smart is started with wrong."


then bell did ring-ring.

it's time to art culture.

if you want to know. my art teacher is so funny.

the lesson is going concern.

firstly, she did teach us about take a vocal (a,i,u,e,o)

secondly, she did teach us about take a photo (it's about kids street)

after it, we make an impression on black carton and laminating it. so interest you know.

and now, she is teaching us about how to playing guitar.

i have a guitar, but i never to play it.

and because art teacher, i want to play it again. hhe

teng teng teng.

bell is ring ring.

it's time to take a break.

i and ari went to biology lab, to take our practicum report.

but, the biology lab is locked.

so we come back to the class, but we went to the canteen. and drank a drink.


bell is ring ring again.

we will learning math.

now, math teacher did teach us about opportunity (peluang).

the way is so long.


teng teng teng.


you know what the time ?

it's time to physics and we have a test, the test is about 1st chapter.


but, physics teacher did have other schedule.


our test is canceled.

i like it.

because, truly i am not ready to test. hhe.

hmm , today i did katesisasi again.

after it.

we come back to home and the last is lpay poker.

as usual in saturday.

online to playing poker.


just it that i can publish to you.

sorry if i've a mistake.

thanks for reading.



Friday, September 24, 2010


Hi everyone...

today, i want to posting my daily activities again.

now, i will start from morning until tonight (now).

firstly, i started my day with prayed. then take a bath.

after it, i use my uniform and prepare all thing that needed today.

@7.10 am. i arrived @school.

as usual ,every friday in my school starting with cleaning.

but, past, i and some of my friend not cleaning our class.


after it.

all students in my class went to biology lab.

today, we did learn about plant tissue.

teng teng teng.

bell is ring-ring.

it's time to take a break.(15 minutes)

i didn't went to the canteen cause after it, i will have a Civics Education Test.

it's about socialization politic.

and you know, 

how my score ?


although before i hope can got more.

but, because my teacher is kind.

so, people who want to get plus score.

there is duty for them.

and i did it.

after it. bell is ring-ring again.

it's time to go home...


when i arrived @home.

i take all the things, from uniform until shoes.

and then i lay on bed.

and sleep.

after it  i woke up @2.00 pm.

oh God..

i didn't yet eat.

then i went to my shop. and when i sat down.

i see, there is "bulek gado-gado"

because i hungry and want to eating too.

so i did eat it.


then. i take a bath. cause @4.30 pm.

i have to be there in my church.

cause since this year. i follow katesisasi or sidi.

in katesisasi. all students get a lesson about how to be good christian and can be real adult, in either physical and mental as well as our faith can grown up.


today the teacher in katesisasi is Mrs. St MKH Sirait.

he give us a book about katesisasi. and i will read and bring it @school.

so, if sometime in my class, there is not teacher. i can read it.


it's all about my daily activities.

thanks for read.


see you next time (tomorrow) hhe

oh yaa.

tomorrow, i will have a physical test.

in this week. all of my teacher always give us a test.

hope can give my best.

the last word.

Gbu ! :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

the loading is so long.

hi everyone here
how do you do ?
in this sunny morning
i did start my daily activities with pray and take a bath @morning.
then i did eat yellow rice.
after it, i went to the school @6.30 am and arrived @7.05 am

you know where i posting this ?
i posting this in my computer laborotorium @school
the loading is so long......

first lesson today is indonesia language.
and suddenly, my indonesia language(Mrs. Sherly) told to us "take a paper, we have a test now)

after done,
bell is ring ring
it's time to computer lesson (now)

you know , today i have a chemistry test.
in this week, all teacher will be give us test.

just it that i want posting @this sunny morning.
see you next time.
:) Gbu!

it's because prevent word !

hi everyone.

see me again here.


now, i want tell you what i am doing today.

firstly,morning in my hometown did start with rain.

the rain is so heavy

i woke up @6.15 o'clock as usual.

then, cause my hometown is heavy morning.

i went to school not faster than yesterday.

i get into school @7.05 (maybe)

i never see, how o'clock i get into school except if i late.


first lesson today is ICT.

until now, i didn't know what the mean of it ?

just one that i knew,

it's like computer lesson.


and because this lesson. every day i posting @my blog .

the teacher of this lesson is Mr. Yudit.

but since, monday september 20th 2010.

he left duties for all students.because he is follow something in smk3 or smk4.

because today is so cold.

i went to the canteen.

i eaten chicken rice @bu amah canteen.

after done. i went to my class again.

you know what happen in my class?

my class is so calmly. not as usual.


and apparently in my class there is sport teacher.

i think before, time for teacher sport is done.

and when i get into class.

the teacher just see me and some of children is sleepy.

teng teng teng.

bell is ring ring.

it's time to take a break.

the first take a break is 15 minutes.

in first break, i just sit down in my class.

cause i already full.


teng teng.

it's time to indonesia language.

since elementary school until senior high school(now).

i like this lesson so much. cause every teacher of this lesson have plus score in their teaching.

if we want to plus score. we must already done all homework.

and i like to done my homework faster for get plus score.


but. when indonesia language will be start, the teacher (Mrs. Sherly) didn't there.


although, i already ready to solve what the homework.


bell is ring ring again

you know what the time ?

it's time to second break. (30 minutes)

firstly, i walk out from class and went to bathroom.

cause i want to peeing. hhe

after pee, i went to tomi and wakhid's class.

there is rico there.

when i talking with them.

suddenly, rico want i accompany him to eaten @canteen.

it's okay.

then we went to the canteen again.

in the canteen, there is human who want to fell my kick (i think)

he did see me like see something difference.


but i ignore. what his doing.

and you know what happen past ?

i didn't hear the bell is already ring-ring.


but, truly i have a test. (english test)

before, in my past class.

x-2, i and my bench mate (reza) and tomi always have discuss if there is english test.

but since now, we are separated.

i and reza in science department and tomi in social department.

hmmm (sad)

but . it's okay.

in class there is resa.

twin brother of reza (just the name)


you know...

when the paper test collected.

i already have one false.

it's about.

prevent word.

in the test, there is text that ask.

what the antonym of prevent. i just see the underline word.

and i think the text ask about the synonym.

and i answer hinder.


and now,

i am study chemistry.

cause this lesson is too hard for me.

but since, i get into science.

i like this lesson. but no more. just less.


that's all my posting today.

see you tomorrow readers.

:) God bless you.  

have a nice day.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

it's about my daily activities (ict duty)

hi everyone

nice to meet you again, here

i want to tell you what my activities this day

i went to school @6.30 am

faster than before


after it, in school

i see all of my friend during doing physics homework

although the first lesson is physics

but the teacher is kind if you want to know

than , the second lesson is religion

cause i am an christian

so i walk out from class cause in my class. 

each is moeslem , and other is christian

in my school

there is not place for christian religion

but this school is much christian and i think some of all is rich

"it's other people said about my school" The rich school

you know what

although my school is RSBI

an status for school that want to be International School


after it

it's break time

i went to other class

cause i boring @my class

there is something special

some of children didnot want to gather together in class


bell is ring ring

it's time to Biology

*since i get into science

it's my favorite lesson


you know what

this day, there is quiz

and you know what the quiz?

if we want to "transplant" a plant

what is the part of plant tissue that not discarded ?

i be xylem there

and i  hesitate

but truly i am right

if we want to transplant a plant, the plant tissue that not discarded is xylem .


you know what the price if i brave  to answer it ?

*as usual we get plus score and people who wrong , they have to treat a food in canteen


after it

the second break

my second break is 30 minutes

i drank a hot tea

cause today is rain


after it

bell is ring-ring again

it's time to math

suddenly, my teacher math told to take a paper

and doing some text


i think this is a test

but, unusually i can done that text

and i think i can get nice score in this score

because, before my score is so bad


by the way. you know how my first score test in biology : 50, 33 and 40


but all of children in my class is remedial 


but, the remedial is evening


my home and school is so far.

and suddenly, when i wrote my this daily activities

i forget to doing duty from physics teacher

she said i have to turn off the lamp in a room

sorry, i forget it. tomorrow if i get into school i will check it and turn off it.


and when i wrote this blog

i am burning my english presentation

for tomorrow i can give my presentation to teacher

cause i dont like to congregated the duty later

faster is better than later.

*hmmm it's about my daily activities.

sorry if i've mistake in my word

God bless you and be the best.


see you tomorrow



Monday, September 20, 2010

school again after long holiday...

hi readers
how do you do ?

today is first day i get into school after three weeks ago my school is holiday cause ramadhan month

you know ...
my holiday now is in balikpapan
when holiday,i and my big family ran @merdeka yard than eating fried corn than take a photo @ anywhere and sing a song @nav.

and after three weeks
today i school

firstly, i flag ceremony @school since 07.15 am until 08.00 am
and i felt so thirsty and tired

than i bought a mineral water @canteen

tenk tenk tenk
bell is ring ring

so i must get into class.
first lesson is english language
ya it's one of my favorite lesson.
the teacher is teaching children
but some of the children doing math homework
but the teacher didnot know

than bell is ring ring again
it's time to Chemistry
the most hard lesson in school
but since i get into science departement
i like this. but no too like
just like
you know that, right ?

teng tong teng
it's time to break
than i walk out from class and went to the canteen again
i eating "soto" a nice food . cause my teeth is sick.
hmmmmmm not good

teng tong teng
the break time is out
i went to class.
in class, some of my friend doing homework
and some sing a song
and other daydream

the math teacher came
then he asked to us : " student, are you already done your homework during holiday ?"
"yes sir" all said
you know . sometime i lazy to doing math homework. cause the teacher just asked. done or not ? although i already doing that. but not to corrected .
in this lesson. i want to sleep. but i sit down in front of teacher desk.
so i cannot doing it

teng teng tenggg
break time again
i went to my other friend in other class
before , my friend already went to the canteen
so i went to canteen and accompany him

after it we went to his class
and walking a lot with other friend and laugh together

bell is ring ring again
time to into classroom
the lesson is Guidance counseling and history
in guidance counseling
all student have a duty.
you know what ?
we must make something special that can useful.
???? what ???? hmmm

than history
this teacher is never smile i think
and every time i give greeting to him
he never reply it
i be lazy to give greeting to him

you know what i posting in this blog
cause my Ict teacher give a duty to posting our daily activities every day during him not in school

this my daily activities
sorry if i have mistake
God bless you

(Click : View Original Site, okay)
cause i share all posting in my blog to facebook

:) see you other time

Saturday, September 11, 2010

XI Science 3's Homework

Happy Sunday everyone...
today i want to posting the homework in my class during this holiday.
because one week again. we will get into school.
so we must doing all the duty.
i will start from the religion until .....

Christian : no duty
Moeslem : my friend said "make a video about something, i dont know cause i am an christian."

Civics Education (PKn)
Doing the duty Basic Competence 1.1 until 1.3 (kd 1.1 - 1.3)

Indonesia Language
no duty. but for people who not yet make a speech, you must perform when you get into school, later.

English Language
Make Presentation (Power Point) about ...
1) Culture (Report Text)
2) Passive Voice
3) Asking & Giving Opinion
4) Simple Present Tense

Make a Summary (merangkum) about ...
1) Cumulative frequency less than and more than (frekuensi komulatif kurang dari dan lebih dari)
Relative frequency (frekuensi relatif)
3) Drawing Histogram & Poligon Frecuency
4) Drawing Ogive Positive and Ogive Negative
(see it on your bilingual book)

Culture Art
Take a photo about street kids and give impression on black carton. Than laminating it.

Doing the Bilingual Book page 40-42 , just the Multiple Voice. use the way.
and Write it on Polio paper.

Make a Practicum Report with the picture too.

No Duty, but when we get into school we will have a test about 1st Chapter or maybe until 2nd Chapter. (just prepare)

Mandarin Language
Homework 4 numbers in mandarin book.

Guidance Counseling (BK)
Make a Presentation (Power Point) about ...
MSG and Our Communication to the God.

Make a blog. (can blogspot or other)
and posting your daily activities or other important information in your blog.
and if you have a blog follow me on (copy and paste it)

just it that i want announce
hope, it can useful

See you in school on Saturday September 18th 2010.
Bye-bye !!!

Happy Sunday and Gbu all.

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