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Hallo , My name is Bran Sibarani I am a student in 5 High School Balikpapan (SMALA BALIKPAPAN) on East Borneo , Indonesia And now i get into XI SCINCE 3 in that school. Always take your hope in God. And God Bless You All ... :] follow and add me in my Twitter and My Facebook the name of all is Bran Sibarani :] thank you

17 Agustus

Hymne Balikpapan

Saturday, August 28, 2010


guratan tinta : Bran Sibarani

Ketika ...
Langkah kakiku
Berjalan di tengah keramaian
Hidupku serasa lebih berarti

Memohon apa yang mereka inginkan
Ku tinggalkan seperangkat ilmu
Ku acuhkan juga angan dan citaku
Hanya demi dia yang ku sayangi

Didampingi sang Awan yang tak menentu
Ditengah sang Surya yang menyengat
Di kala angin mendesah
Dan diiringi bisikan pasir dan debu

Ku kan selalu
melangkahkan kaki kecilku
Demi , jiwa-jiwa yang ku sayangi
Walau, jiwa ini sudah letih

Monday, August 23, 2010


Hi, i come back
today, is Tuesday august 24th 2010
today, i wake up at 7.10 pm. but my school is 8.oo pm
today, first lesson is Physics. sometime i like this and sometime i hate it.
today, my second lesson is Religion. i am a Christian. so i study other place, cause the room is used for my other friends that moeslem
today, my third lesson is Biology. you know, i have a test today. but i didnot know. so i just can answer some. and other is not i answered.
today, i will starting to be good student and will done my duty. cause i boring to be lazy person.
today, my last lesson is Mathematics. i always writing in this lesson. cause , it's so much word that we wrote.the easy text be difficult cause it.

today, i will starting to be better.
Be a real Bran

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Today, i feel calm but sometime i feel lazy in the school
in my school. senior high school of 5 balikpapan
in counseling lesson, my teacher said "now, senior high school of balikpapan is not have attitude to teacher, students and other, and she is said to us (science students) you be a science have to bettter than social, but now social is better than you"
in my thing, i said " all is same, just our does is difference "
cause, i don't like with teacher that think "science is smarter and social isnot or social is better than science"
once again, i say
"ALL IS SAME just our Does thatmake it difference and how to we like that lesson and make our Self enjoy to face it "

a Hope

today, i feel bad.cause one of my hope is gone.

it is go, go and go away.

and when i want to reach it again. it is go again.


what's happen to me ?

then. i'm in silent...

and think ???

why am i always cannot reach it.?

then i realized something

i realized that i have to prepare my self with very well

and it's my first lesson

hope, i can do my best next.

Gbu :D

Wednesday, August 04, 2010


starting this day with take a bath, pray, drinks then go to school
and then go home with much duty
so tired
but we must finishing it with very well

can you think ?
i have 9 home work in this 2 weeks although i newly get into school
but i can
i just want to one
can i feel holiday again ?
may be, i will

just it i want to say
sorry if i have mistakes
but it just a duty

thanks , night and Gbu
hope, tomorrow will be better than today