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Hallo , My name is Bran Sibarani I am a student in 5 High School Balikpapan (SMALA BALIKPAPAN) on East Borneo , Indonesia And now i get into XI SCINCE 3 in that school. Always take your hope in God. And God Bless You All ... :] follow and add me in my Twitter and My Facebook the name of all is Bran Sibarani :] thank you

17 Agustus

Hymne Balikpapan

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Wednesday, November 03rd 2010

DR. LUDWIG INGWER Nommensen Nordstrand was born on the island between Denmark and Germany on February 6, 1834. He vowed to become a missionary when she was ill, and indeed this is the only goal in life. Having been educated by the Rheinische Mission Gesselschaft (RMG), and was ordained in October 1861, he went to Sumatra. He arrived in Padang on 14 May 1862. The plan is to work among the Batak. Difficulties faced in the beginning of the prohibition to work in rural areas and lack of commitment fellow missionaries to focus on South Tapanuli. After trying hard, Nommensen allowed to work in the area of balls, and he began serving some hobo and learn their language.

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